All year round!

Lijak is a paragliding and hang gliding paradise! We have a pleasant Mediterranean climate for excellent flight conditions all year round, for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. Lijak is a very popular site for long flights along the southern ridge of the Trnovska plateau right up to the top of Nanos (1,313 m). It is also a world famous flight competition venue.

Our Information Centre offers you:

  • up to the minute weather info and flight conditions
  • flight licenses available
  • parataxi to the starting point and along the valley
  • tandem flights – paragliding with experienced pilot
  • first aid – call centre


  • A lovely meadow on the edge of the Trnovski gozd (forest) Plateau.
  • Altitude 581m
  • Wind NE – SW,
  • GPS N 45°57’49″ / E 13°43’24″
    Lijak is an ideal starting point for all difficulty levels and flight directions (N, NE, E, SE)
  • Airspace: allowed up to 2500 ft above ground.
  • Difficulty level for taking off (JP): medium
  • Difficulty level for flying (ZP): medium
  • Suitable for beginners: yes
  • Access: you can get directly to the take-off site by car (13.6 km)


  • Easily accessible locations of Kovk (above Ajdovščina) and Korada (in Brda)


  • The landing site is a beautiful meadow by the village of Livešce – 65m above the sea level.
  • Altitude difference: 516m
  • GPS N 45°56’50″ / E 13°42’42″


  • The landing point is on the northern side of the camping ground.
  • GPS N 45°56´30,57´´ / E 13°43´03,40´´


Is there anything better for a free flier than organised transport to the starting point and landing back at the campsite with a cold beer waiting for you?!

Campsite Lijak has a perfect position right under the world famous paragliding paradise of Lijak – Nova Gorica, from where you can constantly check weather and flight conditions – at the start, in the air, or on the landing site.
Our main priority and concept is a safe and comfortable flight.
You can find detailed information about all this and other Slovenian flying areas in the “Paragliding & Hang Gliding Guide Book” by Matevž Gradišek (

There is also a description of Lijak in the paragliding guide:

“Best Flying Site in the Alps” by Oliver Guenay.

This book is available at our reception.
We wish you many beautiful and safe flights above the Vipava Valley!

Important information

  • 112 – emergency telephone number.
  • 147.800 MHz – frequency for paragliders and hang-gliders (no chat).

Weather status in Park Lijak

Tandem flight in Slovenia

Would you like to experience the freedom of flying like a bird? Why not try a tandem flight for only € 188? A highly qualified pilot with more than 10 years of experience will take you up to the clouds to experience the thrill of flight. No prior knowledge is required. All you need to do is follow the instructions, which you will be given before taking off. A tandem flight lasts 30 – 60 minutes, depending on weather conditions. Book via our booking form or click the button below.

Hang-gliding, too

Lijak is also a hang-gliding paradise! The take-off sites for hang-gliders from the edge of the Trnovo plateau offer beautiful views of the Vipava valley and are also a popular hiking and biking tour. They are easily accessible from Park Lijak.

Experience more in Lijak

Flying in Lijak gives you unforgettable memories, however we invite you to improve your experience with parataxi service, enjoy free landing at our campsite, have a cold beer after landing or a tasty meal in new Termika restaurant with panorama terrace or buy a souvenir for the road. Also, don’t forget to check for weather information on live webcam.

Packages for pilots

Transport to the take-off site, fly tickets, breakfast and above all else, an amazing experience! Book our packages for pilots.

Package pilot 1 (3 days)

Package pilot 2 (8=9 days)

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