Biking in Slovenia

Activate your body with biking … Cycling is an ideal way to discover the Vipava valley, because bikes can go where cars can’t. Easy cycling roads are available for cyclists of all abilities, connecting beautiful valley villages and crossing avenues of vineyards. There is also a fantastic new cycling path running beside the emerald green river Soča from the Solkan bridge to the village of Plave – especially inviting during hot summer days.

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… or discover pure adrenaline!

Trnovo plateau, with the extreme diversity of terrains and numerous mountain & forest roads and also country tracks, offers unlimited opportunities for mountain bikers. We also recommend a cycling trip visiting vineyards and cellars in the Vipava valley and the rocky Karst hills. We can help you get the most from your bike adventure with good information and advice, we also rent bikes. We wish you a pleasant cycling holiday full of fun and adventure!


From the Emerald Valley to the ViewPoint

You will need to overcome the difference in altitude from down in the Soča river valley up to the peak of Korada using footpaths and cart tracks. You will cycle on the winding Slovenian-Italian border along the alpine Soča river, famous for its emerald colour. The Soča offers numerous water sports activities like fishing and other adrenaline rides, such as rafting, canoeing, kayaking and canyoning. You will cycle along the crystal clear Soča river, which is really a great way to spend a hot summer day with a fresh, cool breeze blowing down from the surrounding hills and peaks. We will also climb up to Korada hill (812m) and continue along the ridge, with amazing views of Italy, the Alps, the Banjška plateau and the Trnovska plateau. On our return, we descend towards Goriška Brda, a famous wine-growing region and then back through Italy to our starting point.

Length: 40 – 70 km, 4 – 7 hours


The cycling labyrinth of Nanos plateau

You will ride on this incredible mountain plateau above the Vipava valley with amazing views and a maze of tracks and single trails. Nanos is a rocky Karst plateau which separates the Slovenian mainland from the seaside. Its stunning summit called Pleša, with steep cliff at the edge, makes Nanos the most recognizable mountain in this part of Slovenia.This tour of Nanos takes us up to the highest point at “Suhi vrh”, (“Dry Top”, 1,313m). The grassy slopes, beautiful views and rocky trails really make this area a paradise for mountain bikers. The interconnectivity of the paths and single trails allows for so many different options and tours that can be adapted any time to suit every type of rider and bike.
Length: 35 – 45 km, 4 – 6 h

Cross country

Green, I love you, green
We will follow dense, interconnected woodland trails through the Trnovo forest, which is a Forest with a capital F and we will climb various peaks along the way. The route runs across the Trnovo forest, a mountain plateau about 1,000m up. It is very popular with locals as a recreation hotspot. In warmer seasons it is perfect for hiking and cycling. The route you will take is chosen from a network of cycling routes around Lokve, Čaven (1241m) and Mali Golak (1495m). For the descent into the valley you have another choice of route, depending on your own wishes and technical riding skills.
Length: 40 – 70 km, 4 – 8 hours


E-cycling is cycling with electric bikes (e-bikes), which are economical and environmentally friendly vehicles that don’t give out emissions and don’t make noise. By E-cycling you can achieve a higher average speed and therefore travel greater distances with less effort. An E-bike is the perfect vehicle for both urban and mountainous rural areas. It is suitable for everyone, because you can adjust the amount of help the bike gives you. E-bikes are available in camp Lijak.

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