Hiking in Slovenia

A blessing for your soul … The Vipava valley offers so many opportunities for hiking. It is full of walking trails for all capabilities, available throughout the year and all leading you to numerous natural, cultural and historical sights. Especially interesting are the trips to the popular mountain lodges at Čaven and the Trnovo plateau, Nanos and of course into the lower, but very interesting Vipava hills. Every single peak that looks down into the Vipava valley offers really magnificent views. For a wonderful one day trip we also recommend you hike and visit the “energy path” from Lijak to Sekulak. Also, Slovenian Alps are just a half hour drive away.

Guided tours

  • from Lijak to Sekulak
  • trail to Skozno
  • hiking trail through the small villages of Lokavec
  • Vertovec trails
  • Čaven – hill above Vipava valley and a popular destination
  • Trail through Dol up and down
  • Mala gora (Little mountain)
  • Trail along the Edge
  • Hiking trails through plateau Trnovo
  • Trail along the Angel mountain
  • Natural science trail to the Hubelj spring

What do we need for safe hiking?

  • Good and proper equipment
  • Good physical condition
  • Knowledge of weather conditions
  • Respect for nature

We encourage the use of good maps and other relevant literature.

In Lijak you can walk all year round, as the only weather inconvenience you might experience is the “Bora” wind, which is actually very handy for drying & curing our delicious Vipava valley prosciutto!

Energy trail from Lijak to Sekulak

We will walk to the east of Nova Gorica, through the villages of Šmihel, Ozeljan, Šempas, Vitovlje and Osek where there is a fantastic energy trail from Lijak to Sekulak.

The entire trail is designed so that you can start the hike in any of the villages of Šmihel, Ozeljan, Šempas, Vitovlje or Osek and can choose your own direction, depending on fitness, interests and time.  You will need better fitness for the hillside, but the valley part is easier. You can also choose to avoid certain sections by following special links. The beginning of the trails are marked with information boards showing a map of the area and checkpoint stations are marked with columns, equipped with texts and signposts with the time distances to nearby checkpoints.

The trail reveals the beauty of nature and cultural heritage. You will experience historic points and discover secrets. You will feel spirituality and the energy that is taken out of your legs will be returned to your soul.  The trail leads you past many things to see and past just as many peaceful, hidden places. The trail has been imaginatively designed, to suit all tastes, interests and fitness levels. It leads you through the centuries, but is also anchored in the modern everyday life of local people. It will surely satisfy all your geological, cultural, architectural and spiritual demands as well as thrilling hikers and experts on flora and fauna alike.

Sabotin Peace park

North of Nova Gorica at the western edge of Slovenia, where the Mediterranean, Dineric and Alpine worlds connect, there is a 609 metre high hill called Sabotin, which has plenty of natural science and cultural-historical attractions. At the foot of Sabotin runs the emerald river Soča, which separates Sabotin from its neighbouring hills of Sveta Gora and Škabrijel. International cross-border cooperation resulted in this special Sabotin project – “Peace Park” (www.sabotin-parkmiru.si), in the hope of making this a symbol of peace, integration, connection and a point of contact for all 22 nations whose people fought on Sabotin.

You can climb Sabotin from six directions. All trails are marked and will take you to interesting monuments and remains from World War I, whilst enjoying beautiful views. You can explore the turbulent history of this area and learn about the Mediterranean and Alpine flora and fauna. In the former guardhouse at the top of Sabotin you can visit a small museum collection  from World War I. At the top you can also walk through the extensive system of caverns. You can also choose a guided tour. If you are going into the caverns on your own, be sure to take a torch with you!

Hiking trails on the Trnovo plateau

Čaven is the southernmost edge of the Trnovo plateau, which rises high above the Vipava valley. From the Anton Bavčar mountain shelter on Čaven you can climb several hills. The closest is 15 minutes away and called Mali modrasovec (1305m), 40 minutes away is Kucelj (1239m) and just one hour away is Veliki rob (1237m). All these peaks, especially Kucelj, have beautiful views of the Vipava valley, Karst region, Adriatic sea, and the Gorizia & Friuli lowlands. There is also a glorious view from the shelter. The Čaven area is mostly covered with forests, dominated by black and red pine and black beech trees. Grassy meadows are rich with alpine vegetation.

Trail along the Edge

This trail begins at the monument to the Mother of the Mountain and leads right along the ridge, where the plateau ends and the steep slope of the Trnovo forest begins. You are continually accompanied by a wonderful view of the Vipava valley, Karst region and even the Adriatic sea when the weather is nice.

Access: you can get to the start of the trail from two directions – from Ajdovščina to Lokavec and then take an old Russian road to Predmeja. Or from Col, through the villages of Gozd, Kovk and Otlica to Predmeja.

Experience more!

Hiking thru vineyards, olive & cherry groves and up to hills or mountains you’ll reach amazing views … from snowy Alps and all the way to the Adriatic sea. When you return happy and satisfied from a hiking trip, make a stop at our Termika restaurant, enjoy our cuisine or buy a souvenir for the road. For the best experience, you can book our Hiking package.


Hiking package

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